The IP seminar at Gifu University March 2018


Our Patent Attorney Motoaki Hattori will introduce the example case of a suit to rescind patent invalidation, in which the subject patent was a so-called “erasable ballpoint pen”. The writing instrument of the invention was characterized in “having a friction body attached to the rear part of the writing instrument or the top of the cap”. Although the JPO declared the patent invalid due to lack of inventive step, the Intellectual Property High Court admitted the inventive step of the invention and withdrew the decision of invalidation. The patent is currently valid.

Mr. Hattori will give a lecture on the evaluation method of cited references which are used for denying inventive step. He will also discuss the current trend at the Intellectual Property High Court when determining whether two or more cited references can be combined.


Date: March 16, 2018

Time: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Speaker: Motoaki Hattori

Location: Gifu University, Collaborative Center for Academic Industry Government