Notice of the Design Law revision


The revised Design Law will be enforced on April 1, 2020.

Outline of the revised design law is as follows:


  • Duration of the rights revision

Duration of the rights will be 25 year from the date of application for design registration

  • Revision of the related design system

The filing period for the related design is 10 years from the filing date of the registered design.

Design similar to the related design can only be filed as related designs.

It is also possible to use the design registered before the revision of the Design Law, and use the related design system after the revision.

  • Expansion on protection target

You can receive a design registration for the exterior and interior of the protected building.

 There is no longer a need for a relationship between an image design and an article. Icons can also be registered for design.


  • Revision for the design system set of products

You can receive a design registration for the “part” of the set of products.

With this amendment, even those who have given up on design registration can use the design system.



Please feel free to contact your patent attorney for details of the revision.