Response to the New CoronaVirus infections (COVID-19) (As of April 11th, 2020)


Given that the Governor of Gifu prefecture has declared prefecture’s own “State of emergency”, Hiroe and Associates Patent Office will implement following infection prevention measures in order to further cooperate with the prevention of infection and spread of infection among it’s clients and staff.


・Remote work


Remote workers will conduct email checks and responses from home.

Phone inquiries to remote workers will be recorded by the receptionist, taking a phone number to which contacted person will respond at the later time.

Please contact us by email, as it may take some time to connect with the person you want to reach.

Facsimile and postal items are received as usual, but it may take some time before receiving confirmation of the person in charge.

Please contact the receptionist or the person in charge for the anticipated day of work of remote workers.


・Wearing a mask at workplace

・Thorough physical condition management

・Staggered work by commuters that use public transportation

・Meetings are changed into non face-to-face communications, emails, telecommunication, video conference calls, etc.

・Adjustment of seating arrangements so as to avoid airtightness, crowding and close contacts, as well as ventilation of office spaces

・Hand disinfection on the entrance of the office

・Deferral of seminars hosted by our company, such as patent study groups


In addition, with the closure of public schools, employees affected by this decision, are able to bring their children to work.


We understand that this may cause inconvenience for our clients, but we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.