The IP seminar at Gifu University May 2019


In next month’s lecture, patent attorney Motoaki Hattori will introduce a case in which company A (a material manufacturer) and company B (a device manufacturer) jointly developed a semiconductor device, and company B independently filed a patent application and received a patent grant. Trial for patent invalidation was filed on the grounds of breaching requirements for a joint application (Article 38 of the Patent Act). The Japan Patent Office made a decision that the application did not breach the requirements for a joint application. However, the Intellectual Property High Court overturned the decision.


Taking this case as an example, Mr. Hattori will explain legal requirements to be admitted as a joint inventor, as well as considerations at joint research and development.


Date: May 17, 2019

Time: 5:00PM-6:00PM

Speaker: Motoaki HATTORI

Location: Gifu University, Collaborative Center for Academic Industry Government